Discover Davao!


My travel to Davao is always memorable to me because it’s my first DIY travel. Davao may not be the best Island in the Philippines but it is still worth to visit. I’ve always been curious why people dubbed “DAVAO” as the safest place in the Philippines. Davao is located in Mindanao and is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area. When we arrive in Davao we were surprised because a lot of military’s are in the Airport and we also pass military when we were heading to Eden. Eden Nature Park which is recommended place to visit when you are in Davao and also good for team building since it has a wide vicinity and activities to offer. The entrance in Eden already includes the sumptuous buffet lunch and this is where you will also get to try the sky swing. However, in our case we were not able to do it because it was raining and they closed it to avoid accident. We also went to People’s Park before going to the peak in Gmall.

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Our visit to Davao would not be complete without going to Samal Island. To go to Samal Island from Davao you need to go to SASA Wharf where you can ride a ferry going to the Island. We already planned to have a day tour in SECDEA Beach Resort to go swimming and try other water sports activity. Their day tour cost 1000 pesos and it already includes a buffet lunch. The resort have two pools for children and for adult about 6 ft deep and you can also swim to their beach. Davao is big but our time is limited so we were not able to go to other places.


Before we go back to Cebu we drop by China Town and Magsaysay Park to buy Pasalubong and at SM Lanang to eat lunch. My friend and I had always been a fan of Korean Restaurant and so we tried to eat in Bulbogi Brothers. You pay an expensive price but their service sucks, they only have limited side dishes and the prices are sky-high. It’s not even worth it. This is the only regret we had when we visited Davao, so do not eat into this restaurant (just in case). 😀


  • Wear outdoor sandals or shoes when you go to Eden Nature Park
  • Visit Samal Island
  • Stop by People’s Park because it’s free of charge lol
  • Drink at the Peak (Gmall)
  • Choose an early flight in case it will get delayed
  • Eat in Carenderia they have side dish and very cheap lol
  • Visit Roxas night market
  • Eat street food in China Town