SAMBOAN: Chasing Waterfalls


Samboan waterfalls has become one of the newest attraction in Cebu. Samboan is a fifth class municipality that is located in the Southern part of Cebu. This quiet town has been receiving flocking local and foreign tourist recently because of the activity they offer. Samboan is 3-4 hours travel from Cebu City via Barili-Bato Bus in South Bus Terminal and it is best recommended to go early to avoid a lot of people in the waterfalls. In our case, we went to South Bus Terminal at 2:30 in the morning hoping that there would be a bus that would left at 3AM but our bus departed at 3:45AM. We arrived at rotunda in Samboan at 7:45 in the morning and ate our breakfast before starting our adventure of the day. 


We went to Dao falls first because it is the farthest among the three falls and it will take 30 minute trek going to falls depending on how fast you walk. lol We are lucky because we are early and we are the first tourist to arrive in the dao waterfalls so you can feel the serenity. 


Our second destination is Binalayan falls or Hidden Falls. It is called hidden falls because you have to turn left at the last peak of the trek to see it. This waterfall is 10 ft deep and you can jump from the top depending on how brave and adventurous you are while people are cheering you from below. 🙂 Because I have no confidence of doing it, I just jump from the lower portion of the cliff and I would recommend you to at least try it. 


Our last stop is at Aguinid Falls or the most crowded falls in Samboan. When we arrived in their registration kiosk a lot of people are already waiting for their turn since we arrived at around 11 o’clock in the afternoon. Aguinid offers 8 Levels of waterfalls, but during the orientation, they will only inform you about level 1-5. They will also introduce you to your technical guide during your trek and if you would like to try to go to Level 6,7 and 8 then you will have to give an extra tip to your guide and the guide should be at least two since it’s difficult.


  • Find a motorcycle driver that will bring you to Dao Falls, Binalayan/Hidden Falls and Aguinid Falls
  • Every waterfalls requires you to pay 20php for entrance and 20 for environmental fee a total of 40php for locals and 60php for foreign tourists
  • Bring water and food like boiled egg and sweets because you need energy lol
  • Wear comfortable clothes like rashguards, shorts or leggings and outdoor sandals or shoes (slippers are not recommended)
  • Save your BIKINI at the beach not in the waterfalls, it’s a NO NO if you don’t want people to see your dark side lol
  • Give tip to your guide according to the service you receive lol.
  • Bring waterproof phone case and dry bag